Lecture: On Tuesdays at 11:45h – 13:15h in 46/210 starting on April 16th, 2013

Note: Lecture location changed to 36/438 (DISCO seminar room) from April 30th on


Excercise: NEW: For exam preparation purposes some exercise material has been provided further below on this page.


Contact: Dipl.-Inf. Adam Bachorek


Course Overview


In this course students are supposed to obtain a detailed understanding of functions, structure and principles of mobile communication systems:


  • Interworking between infrastructure and mobile end systems
  • Diverse architectural alternatives
  • Mobility support on different layers
  • Mobile base technologies
  • Internet technology-based mobility


Covered topics include:


  • Phenomena of mobile and wireless communication
  • Basics of cellular networks
  • Mobile systems: GSM, UMTS, LTE, broadcast systems
  • Selected mobile systems from the IEEE 802 family: 802.11x (infrastructure based modes), 802.16, 802.20
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Mobile IPv4/v6
  • Micromobility protocols: Cellular IP, Hierarchical MobileIP, Fast MobileIP
  • Seamless session mobility for real-time applications
  • TCP over mobile networks: performance evaluation and tuning
  • Mobility support on the application layer


  • Jochen Schiller. Mobilkommunikation. 2. überarbeitete Auflage, Addison-Wesley, 2003.
  • Relevant standard documents (IETF RFCs, ITU-T specifications, IEEE standards, ...) will be referenced throughout the course.


Lecture Slides


ChapterTitleLast UpdateSlides (pdf)
- List of Acronyms 2013-04-15 (1x1) (2x1)
0 Organization 2013-04-15 (1x1) (4x1)
1 Introduction 2013-04-30 (1x1) (4x1)
2 Wireless Transmission 2013-04-26 (1x1) (4x1)
3 Media Access 2013-04-26 (1x1) (4x1)
4 Wireless Sensor Networks 2013-05-20 (1x1) (4x1)
4 Wireless Data Communication Systems 2013-06-03 (1x1) (4x1)
5 Telecommunication Systems 2013-06-17 (1x1) (4x1)
6 Mobility at the Network Layer 2013-07-01 (1x1) (4x1)
7 Mobility at the Transport Layer 2013-07-07 (1x1) (4x1)
8 Mobility at the Application Layer 2013-07-16 (1x1) (4x1)




1 G.Marconi, "Das Unsichtbare Netz" Link
4 802.11 - DCF with Hidden Terminals Applet
4 802.11 - DCF without Hidden Terminals Applet


Lab Exercise Slides


Access to the slides listed below requires authentication. In case no Email containing the required details has been received yet, exercise participants can request them via Email to Adam Bachorek submitting full name and immatriculation number.

For those who remember, please use the same credentials as used during the exercise sessions for PC login :-)

TitleSlides (pdf)
Lab Exercise 1 - Wireless LANs (1x1) (4x1)
Lab Exercise 2 - Wireless Sensor Networks (1x1) (4x1)



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