The meetings take place on Wednesdays, at 3.30pm in our seminar room 36-438.


M.Sc. Paul Nikolaus

M.Sc. Carolina Nogueira

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This year's project will be about simulating a queuing network and evaluating its performance. Queuing networks are an essential component of our communication and a model close to reality is an important, yet challenging subject.

An important aspect will be the construction of particular modules of which the network will be composed. We plan to implement arrival (memoryless, self-similar) traffic and scheduling properties (FIFO, priority queue) in order to mimic different kinds of networks.

 Official module entry: [89-4245] INF-42-45-L-6

Schedule and Slides

Class time Title Slides Homework
Nov 22, 5.30pm Kickoff Meeting PDF  
Jan 09, 3.30pm I. Introduction to Queueing Theory PDF PDF
Jan 16, 3.30pm II. Limited Buffers and Multiple Servers PDF PDF
Jan 23, 3.30pm      

 All the solutions have to submitted until next week's Tuesday, 11.59pm.


Previous programming knowledge is required (we will use C++). You should also be interested in queuing networks ;-)


It will be a group project. We will decide on the group sizes based on the number of participants.





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