The second lab sheet is online! Warm up task deadline Feb 13 at 3.30pm. Don't forget the deadline for the first lab.


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M.Sc. Carolina Nogueira
M.Sc. Paul Nikolaus
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The project "Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems" this year will focus on security aspects of distributed systems. It will be composed of different labs, where you perform and analyze attacks and countermeasures. The main goal is to be able to understand how theory and practice relate, and build some necessary skills for detecting security weaknesses in order to fix them.

Basic programming skills and network knowledge are necessary. The labs will use a Unix-like operating system and some previous knowledge would help you. We will, however, provide some basic information and show you how to search for more. So, if you don't have the experience yet, but are willing to make the effort to learn it, you'll have the tools.

Official module entry: [89-4245] INF-42-45-L-6


Project Guidelines

We consider the following guidelines to be very important, so please read them thoroughly:

Project Guidelines


Schedule and Slides

Title Slides Homework Warm-Up Tasks Test Status Update Report Submission
Kickoff Meeting PDF  Please register until the deadline!      
TCP Attack Lab Project Guidelines PDF Feb 01 Feb 06 Feb 13
Steganography   PDF Feb 13 Feb 20 Feb 27


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