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On Wednesdays, 10:00-11:30, in room 36-438


On Tuesdays, 15:30-17:00, in room 36-438 (exact date will always be announced)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schmitt
M.Sc. Paul Nikolaus
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Course Overview

The objective of this lecture is to introduce performance modeling of complex distributed systems.

  • Server dimensioning of planned systems
  • Quality of service guarantees in distributed systems
  • Resource management in distributed systems

The focus will be on different analytical methods for performance modeling:

  • MGF-bounded Network Calculus
  • Tail-bounded Network Calculus

Material & Slides

The slides are only accessible from within the university network (131.246.*). You can use SSH or VPN for remote access.

Chapter Title Last Update Slides
 0  Organization Oct 24, 2018 PDF
1  Introduction Oct 30, 2018  PDF 
2  Probability Basics Nov 28, 2018 PDF  annotated
3  SNC with Moment Generating Functions Dec 05, 2018 PDF  annotated


We will provide a script in the further course. Be aware that it might undergo many changes and hence should never be seen as a "final version".

Last Update Added Chapter / Section Script
 Dec 05, 2018  3.2 Service Processes  PDF 

For those who are curious about what previous StocADS-lectures looked like, you can check out Michael's Script.


The exercise sheets are only accessible from within the university network (131.246.*). You can use SSH or VPN for remote access.

Sheet Day Submission Deadline Exercise Download
1 Nov 20, 2018 10.30am 3.30pm PDF
2 Dec 04, 2018 10.30am 3.30pm PDF


  • Cheng-Shang Chang, Performance Guarantees in Communication Networks. Springer, 2000.
  • Yuming Jiang, Stochastic Network Calculus. Springer, 2008.

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