The last two lectures will be held on Friday, January 19 as well as January 26. We uploaded the second exercise sheet.

Please download and install UPPALL and MATLAB (the university has a licence, see therefore the RHRK Downloads from within the university network). MATLAB is necessary for the RTC Toolbox.

Course Overview

The objective of this lecture is to introduce the art of performance-related modeling of distributed systems. We will use worst-case assumptions in order to obtain robust results.

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Two consecutive lectures every Friday in 48-453
Official module entry: [89-4256] INF-42-56-V7


Dr.-Ing. Kai Lampka
M.Sc. Paul Nikolaus
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Lecture Material

The lecture material is only accessible from within the university network (131.246.*). Please use SSH or VPN for remote access.

Steffen's WoCADS-script (Lecture 16/17): PDF (last update: December 1, 2017)


Title Last Update Slides
Motivation, PI-Problem November 17, 2017 PDF, PDF
Introduction November 17, 2017 PDF
MinPlusAlgebra November 17, 2017 PDF
Network Calculus Part I November 17, 2017 PDF
Network Calculus Part II December 1, 2017 PDF
Network Calculus Part III December 1, 2017 PDF

Exercise Material

We strongly recommend you to work on the exercises, since they are crucial to get a good grasp on math-heavy lectures.

Moreover, exercise content can and will be part of exam.

Exercise Day of Presentation
PDF Nov 24
PDF Jan 19


  • Jean-Yves Le Boudec, Patrick Thiran. Network Calculus. Springer, 2001. (Also →available online)

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