CAFLOTRA, a calculus for networks with flow transformations, aims to extend the stochastic network calculus and thus deal with queueing networks subject to flow transformations, which occur when the flows’ data are altered inside the network. Flow transformations are in fact characteristic to many modern networked and distributed systems, e.g., a wireless sensor network processes the transported data, while delivering it to a sink node, for energy-efficiency purposes. This DFG-granted project comprises of three inter-connected parts. On the theoretical side, the project seeks to develop stochastic scaling elements, for modelling flow transformations in great generality, within the framework of the stochastic network calculus. On the application side, the project seeks to apply its theory to several real-world application scenarios in order to validate its usefulness as well as its accuracy. Furthermore, the project plans to deliver a corresponding software tool based on DISCO Deterministic Network Calculator and Stochastic Network Calculator in order to allow for an automated analysis and to make the theoretical results accessible to other performance analysts.

Stochastic Network Calculus and Flow Transformation

You can find the background and motivation in the paper On Expressing Networks with Flow Transformations in Convolution-Form PDF.

Project Staff

This is a cooperative project carried out by the following staffs from DISCO and T-Labs Berlin:


Please see the personal pages above for contact details.

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