We are part of the Lehrgebiet "Verteilte und Vernetzte Systeme" at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Kaiserslautern. Our classes comprise one mandatory and several selective undergraduate and graduate-level courses. We also offer projects, seminars, and theses.

Stochastic Analysis of Distributed Systems

This lecture introduces the the art of perfomance-related modeling of complex distributed systems.

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Network Security

This course is a practical introduction to security of commmunication in computer networks.

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This project teaches how to deal with various aspects of performance and security in distributed systems.

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OS-based Programming of Embedded Systems

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We offer a variety of bachelor and master theses at any point in the academic year. Also see our recently completed theses page.

Information about past teaching activity can be found under Past Teaching.

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Write your thesis with a disco advisor

We offer a variety of bachelor and master theses at any point in the academic year. Also check out some of our completed theses. Read more...

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