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The exam will be conducted on the 17th of May in our seminar room (36-438). Please don't forget to register with Mrs. Gerber as well as at the examination office until 3rd of May.


8-11, 11/260 next lectures 01.02, 8.02.2019


Kai Lampka

Course Overview

The lecture opens the door for you to become a future embedded systems programmer, where we start from scratch. This means, first, we have a detailed introduction to the C-programming languages and deepen our newly learned C-programming skills by looking at a fairly simple Real-time Operating System called FreeRTOS. We look at concepts, programming patterns and problems inherent to embedded real-time systems and features of the ARM Cortex M architecture, and hit topics such as the programming of interrupt service routines, bit-band aliasing and memory protection units. This is followed by a deep dive into the programming of embedded Linux, where we do not stop at the Kernel-interface. Finally, we look at programming of multicore systems on top of a microkernel and take note of the latest HW virtualization techniques. I welcome all those of you who are willing to roll up their sleeves and get ready for some coding.


Agenda / Contents of blocks

Block 1 (23.11, material to Block 1)

  • Intro to the lecture and Primer into C
  • C-Programming in an industrial context (primer to MISRA)

Block 2 (30.11, 7.12 , material to Block 2)

  • Programming with FreeRTOS, Intro to Keil microVision,
  • Free RTOS API on Tasks, Queues and Intro to Interrupt handling
  • Interrupt Handling continued, FreeRTOS and Patterns
  • Cortex M architecture: interrupt service routines, bit-band aliasing and memory protection units.

Block 3 (11.01, material to block 3)

  • Introduction to Linux Device Driver Programming
  • Char Dev. Drivers in Linux

Block 4 (18,25.01,01.02) material to block 4)

  • Introduction to Microkernel based OS (done)
  • Introduction to Fiasco and L4Re (done)
  • Introduction to Virtualization (done)
  • Introduction to VirtIO
  • Introduction to the uboot (done)
  • Debugging with T32
  • Demo with R-Car-M3 Starterkit

Block 5 (08.02, material to block 5)

    • Hands-on Session


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