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M.Sc. Eric Jedermann


This year's project will be about Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) security. BLE is a part of the Bluetooth communication technology, designed for embedded devices with local connectivity and low data rates.

Many "smart" devices, available in every tech-market, are controllable via BLE. Often the security of those devices is insufficient. We plan to get some of these devices, analyze their security, create an application to control the device and break the security.

 Official module entries: 
Bachelor: [89-4045] INF-40-45-L-4
Master: [89-4245] INF-42-45-L-6



  • Programming knowledge is required (we will use Android Studio Java/Kotlin).
  • Lecture "Communication systems" is required.
  • Lecture "Network security" is recommended.
  • ... You should be interested in security.



This project will be organized via the Olat-System.

Olat-Password: integer


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